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Google Shopping provides great a way to showcase your products directly on Google search results. The best part is, it will, most of the time, appear on the top of the page and it will appear as product. It is the biggest advantage of Google Shopping!

In other words, we can say, Google Shopping is the “marketplace” of Google. It is a very successful platform of Google in such a way that even the marketplace giants like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, are running ads through Google Shopping.

In Google Shopping, just like any other marketplace, allows users to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers.

In sellers’ perspective, Google Shopping provides a huge opportunity for businesses to showcase their products to a wider audience and make it easy for costumers to see them. And as traditional algorithm of Google, it allows seller to target specific audience based on their search queries. This means that businesses can reach potential customers who are already interested in their products. Last but not least, Google Shopping provides businesses with valuable insights into their customers’ behavior by analyzing data such as click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR) so businesses can optimize their campaigns and improve their return on investment (ROI).

Another big advantage for sellers in Google Shopping is, seller can show your products for free; in other words, Google shopping allows you run free ads. (Read the related article here)

There are 4 main benefots of using Google shopping as seller;

  1. Trust

All the product and seller details will be shown alongside with product such as Seller Name, product details, variants, prices, ratings, and reviews, etc. It will build trust and authority in customers.

  1. Better Qualified Results

Customers who search and visits Google Shopping is more likely to make purchase. Unlike the traditional Google Search, users’ intention is here to purchase. But it doesn’t mean that whoever visits Google Shopping will purchase your product; they might be investigating the products here as well.

In fact, Google Shopping ads now drive 76.4% of retail searches and win over 85% of all clicks. This makes it one of the most powerful tools when it comes to driving new online revenue for your store.

  1. Designed as Marketplace

As we mentioned before, it allows users to compare, sort, filter the products; just like a marketplace. Users will be able to see the ratings & reviews of the products, price, variants, delivery term, etc. So, it is designed with shoppers in mind; making everything easy to decide for users.

  1. Perfect Insights & Metrics

You can see the reports and detailed analysis in both Google Shopping Ads and Google Merchant Center. In both Google’s platforms, you will be able to check and analyze number of deferent metrics. Eventually, this is what a seller needs to improve the campaign and get better results.

Now, Google makes the shopping experience for users better, quicker, and even easier. Google now directs users from Google Shopping to the check out page of the seller’s website! Yes, users are not directed to the product page after visiting the product in Google Shopping.

There was an option before “Buy on Google” is being removed by Google where costumers were able to buy the product at Google Shopping without visiting the seller’s website (if the seller applied and opt-in for this feature). Now Google created a much better feature; sending the buyer directly to seller’s checkout page.


  • Faster and easier: It will help “ready-to-buy” shoppers (who already decided to buy the product) to complete the purchase and transaction without visiting the product page again; less friction!
  • Better Results: It will drive more sales and better conversion rates

How it works

  • Free listings will display a checkout button which redirects customers directly to seller’s checkout page. Google uses the product information and the URL associated with your Shopify account to create a checkout URL specific to each product. The standard “Visit site” capability for all free listings offers will still be there for users that want to learn more information about the product.

For more info, please visit Google’s article.

How to Opt-in

Once you onboard into the Google & YouTube app, you will be automatically opted into this feature. You can change the settings of the checkout feature in your Shopify account by following the steps below:

  1. In the Google & YouTube app, click Settings.
  2. In the “Product feed settings” section, click the Manage button beside “Checkout link settings”.
  3. Then, select Include links to checkout and product page (recommended) option.
  4. Click Save changes.

Note: Make sure your storefront is public and does not require a password.

This feature is only available in the US.

So, as conclusion, we strongly suggest sellers to opt-in this feature to increase their sales and conversion rates.

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