Anti-Aging Creams

For us, it is still most challenging and difficult product we ever did marketing!

What is the product?

It is a cream called anti-aging which gives instant changes in the face. Once you apply, it will instantly remove the wrinkles in the face.

Mostly used by woman, a very popular and competitive product. It was made in France and we were managing the US market marketing.

In order to catch the attention of the costumers, the best way to show the costumers the effect and power of the cream is show before-after videos and photos. But, this is not allowed in Google!

We created the feed, entered all the data and run ads in such a way that we took the attention and land the costumers to product page. Once they are in the product page, we have shown all convincing creatives to build the trust in costumer to make the purchase.


❌ Restricted Industry

❌ Can’t show before-after photos

❌ Competitive markets

❌ Whale brands are pushing hard

❌ Average CPC is about $7 – $10

❌ High-Price Product

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