Fabric Store

We all know how big & fast fashion and textile industry is

What is the product?

The store is specialized in fabrics called embroidery, embellished, tulle, bridal fabric which are mainly for wedding, engagement and night dresses.

The market is very niche and competition is very different because the store is selling premium quality fabrics which has higher prices and competitors are selling fabrics very cheap.

On the other side, there is season effect that costumers are not tend to to buy products during autum and winter. And costumers are preferring traditional purchase; they want to see & touch the products.

Once we created the product feed in Google Merchant Center, as the market is very niche, it took a bit time to optimize because the owner is not interested in running and Shopping Ads. As a good optimization, the shop started to sell with Free Listing as we know Free Ads.

After a while, once the shop owner saw the performance, he decided to run Google Shopping Ads and we were able to make the ROAS 6.5 at average in 3 months.


❌ Very niche market

❌ High seasonal effect impacts

❌ High product prices

❌ Competitor sell cheap products

❌ Costumers usually wants to see the products physically.

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