What is Google Merchant Center?

Merchant Center is the service Google provides to display & promote your products across all Google platforms. It simply lets you manage how your in-store and online product inventory appears on Google.

It also allows you to sell your products directly on Google!

Why we need Merchant Center?

It is the platform where you “feed” your product data so then Google will connect you with the right customers across the other Google platforms such as Search, the Shopping tab, YouTube, and the web.

You will need to a “Product Feed” (the data Google requires) as per Google’s Policy to let run Google Ads or Free Listing so called Free Ads.

Merchant center also gives you several report in the market and let you measure the impact of every sale so you can show your products to the most valuable customers.

What Google Merchant Center Do?

Upload Your Products

so then you can promote them across Google Platforms with Google Ads

Measure the Ads Results

You can see which products perform better

Show Your Product Free

also called Free Ads with Free Listings!

Measure Your Free Listing Performance

and optimize the ones having low outcome

Become a Trusted Store

and get a Google Badge!

Sell Your Products on Google

Your costumers will directly check out on Google

Dynamic Remarketing

easiest way to target your abandoned costumers


You can see best seller product, brands, your competitor’s prices or run sale & give promotions directly on Google!

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